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 Restoshammy applying 
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Post Restoshammy applying
Character Name:Missyx

Age, sex and nationality: 26, female, sweden

Playing times, how many raids will you be able to make on a weekly basis and how much do you play besides that: As long as my daughter falls asleep at nights i should be able to raid every other week probably, i work late every other week.

Class and Race: goblin shaman

Current talentbuild. We would like to know about your offcpecc too: Mainspecc restoshammy PvE offspecc atm is restoshammy PvP

Expected Future talentbuilds:might go for elemental as off. not sure yet though

Is there anything you are particularly good at or particularly bad at: Ohh hard questions.. Iam a good Team player, am helpful and have good attitude, but im bad at keeping m,y mouth shut when ppl are acting like shitfaces.

Armory link and gear in case you didn't log out in raiding gear, this also includes different gear sets for different purposes (dps/heal/tank etc). ... syx/simple

Tell us about why you composed your gear like this, we would like to see an understanding of the basic theorycrafting behind it: erhm well Ive been trying to read up and trying out what stats are to havce for a restoshammy, and i ralized i can socket more for intellect instead of spirit cause all the spirit i need i get from the gear.. I also have less use off mastery so i went for haste, i love my haste. next up now is going to raise my crit a bit:)

Post a picture of your UI (We want to see how your interface looks while you're raiding): (photobucket is free)

Professions, why did you choose those:alchemy for the trinket mostly and the extended buff is also nice. Engineing was for the helmet and the jeeves for the raids :)

Raiding experience in Cataclysm, including class and raid role: all the instances and the bosses as heling shammy

Raiding experience in Wrath of the Lich King, including class and raid role:
everything upp to LK heroic 25 amnd everything hc 10 man :) resoshammy and holypriest

Raiding experience in The Burning Crusade, including class and raid role:erhm like almost all i think. cant remeber though

Raiding experience in Vanilla wow if any, including class and raid role:pass

Combat Log links (World of Logs, WWS, etc):

Guild history, which guilds have you been in, why did you leave them: on the other server i was in league of dusk, (turned out to be a bunch of shitfaces) then i went to Prediction on that server but then i got pregnant and stopped playing for a while so left to join a social guild instead with my fiances IRL buddies,
Then we switched server when cataclysm came and joined our friends guild Hrafnin flygur (on bloddscalp that is) That server died due to a management issue so alot of the players joined Prediction (same guild different server) And now they moved the whole guild to another server..

Why do you want to join Evil Eye and why should we pick you:I want to have a guild to raid with and i want a guild that has some progress, been along time since i was in a 25 man guild and i would really much enjoy it :) You should pick me because iam a really good raider, i always are prepared and helpful, Im almost always on time and if im not i will give a notice in advance, (like when we have meetings on my daughters daycare center and stuff)
This will be my last chance im giving this game so hopefully it will be with u guys :)

Do you know anyone in Evil Eye:nopp not that iam aware off atleast

Tell us about yourself:Iam a 26 year old mum with a huge heart and a good sense of humour, I live outside of Stockholm with my family that is me, my fiance my 1 year old daughetr and our 2 cats :) I just went of maturnetyleave and trying to find a full time job, atm i work every other week for a few hours a day so :)

Computer specifications:ossum (cant rember my fiance picked the shit out)

Internet-connection:good :) (24/1)

How often do you speak on Ventrilo?basiclly every day

What is your FPS and Latency in combat?70-100 fps in combat might be a bit lower if its HUUUGE aoe fight, 40-60 ms :)

Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:11 pm
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Post Re: Restoshammy applying
Healing side is a bit full at the moment sorry, going to decline, good luck in your search for a guild!


Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:58 pm
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