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 Mockie - Eleshaman 
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Post Mockie - Eleshaman
Character Name:

Age, sex and nationality:
22, male, Sweden

Playing times, how many raids will you be able to make on a weekly basis and how much do you play besides that:
I'm prolly gonna be able to keep a 100% attendance, I play alot as some of you might know.

Class and Race:
Orc Shaman

Current talentbuild. We would like to know about your offcpecc too:
Resto has always been my mainspecc when it comes to raiding and pvping, atm I have a specc that works decently in both pvp and pve just because Im not raiding atm. My offspecc has always been elemental.
I have decided to apply as elemental now because I have noticed you have some restoshamans in the guild anyways and I really would like to try raiding hc as elemental for once :p. My elespecc is also some random mix that works fine both pve and pvpwise, that will ofc change when/if I get accepted.

Expected Future talentbuilds:
I love raiding as resto and for MoP I want to raid as resto again, if possible, ofc.

Is there anything you are particularly good at or particularly bad at:
Im great at always coming prepared for raids. flask, pots, you name it. Im a quick learner and I never make the same mistake twice. Might be abit bad at talking on ventrilo xD but if its between life or death I will ofc do it.

Armory link and gear in case you didn't log out in raiding gear, this also includes different gear sets for different purposes (dps/heal/tank etc). Tell us about why you composed your gear like this, we would like to see an understanding of the basic theorycrafting behind it: ... kie/simple
When it comes to gear this tier I havn't really had alot of options when it comes to gear. I quit raiding after firelands(more later). I have only been doing LFR and tagged along for some normal ds runs as a casual in a friends guild, I grabbed the items I could and made the best of what I had.

Post a picture of your UI: ... uimock.jpg
Not in a raid, easy enough to understand tho, grid to the left.

Professions, why did you choose those:
Enchanting / Engineering. Enchanting cause of ringenchants, the possibility to disenchant and simply the comfortability to be able to enchant your own gear instead of looking for a guy everytime you get loot :p. I never really got rid of Engineering after I quit pvp and lets face it, it can be pretty awesome sometimes! plus you get the 480 stat increase on gloves, not bad :)

Raiding experience in Cataclysm, including class and raid role:
13/13 hc - BWD etc
7/7 hc - firelands
This was all raided on my shaman, as resto, sometimes elemental.

Raiding experience in Wrath of the Lich King, including class and raid role:
12/12 10hc LK
12/12 25hc LK
RS 10 hc
never killed halion 25 hc tho.
This was all raided on my shaman, as resto.

Raiding experience in The Burning Crusade, including class and raid role:
Killed everything but mu'ru and KJ as restoshaman.

Raiding experience in Vanilla wow if any, including class and raid role:
Main was a rogue in vanilla, had my shaman as my alt. Raided some time in Evil Eye back then on my rogue, cant remember progress in naxx40 but killed everything else, memory ftl.
Did raid mc bwl aq40 as restoshaman aswell tho.

Combat Log links (World of Logs, WWS, etc):
Dont have anything.

Guild history, which guilds have you been in, why did you leave them:
Im not gonna go back too far in the past. So before Perish happend, I was in my own guild "Damnation" with 9 of my RL friends, we raided toc10hc, got ourselves some insanity mounts, 10 to be exact, then ICC came out, we did pretty good I guess, killed lk 10 realm first, who cares right.
Started hcprogressing and after we got to 9/12 hc ppl started to get bored and they quit, we were 10 raiders in total so if 1 left we all got screwed. So we got screwed, Perish merge was the word on the street iirc, I had already been in both Fractured and Evil eye so I thought it would be fun to play with old friends again. Or perhaps I joined Fractured first, who cares, I really cant remember, anyways, after the tragic disband of Perish I went back to Damnation and my friends started playing again cause of the incoming expansion. We raided 12/12 normal and did some hc then the same story, ppl quit again, got screwed.
So I join Memento Mori on frostmane, had alot of fun (all swe ftw), but after farming Firelands etc ppl started to get bored, didnt show for raids etc, so GM decided to go casual and wait for D3. After that I tried alot of different servers, never applied to a guild tho, but after a while I decided to go back to my mainserver, Bloodscalp, and here I am! Ready to tear it up once again. /endwall

Why do you want to join Evil Eye and why should we pick you:
I wanna join Evil Eye now because of the ppl in the guild, the guys from Perish, and Zuluhed, amazing raidleader(no suckup, its true). And I think you should pick me because I always bring something to the table, I can be pretty amazing and sometimes im nice to ppl.

Do you know anyone in Evil Eye:
I know a few yes.

Tell us about yourself:
Im 22 years old, working 7-16, after that I play wow or BF3, on weekends I get drunk.

Computer specifications:
AMD Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz
12gb DDR3 RAM
Geforce gtx 470 1gb


How often do you speak on Ventrilo?
When neccessary, I hate swedish ppls english accent, mine included prolly.

What is your FPS and Latency in combat?
I never lagg or dc, never really look at my fps while in combat or raiding, cause Im busy fighting lolol.

Over and out

Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:38 am

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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman
0.o give me all your achievement points ....
nice apply, dam you have many realm first...

erm just make him a trail :p since he is already in the guild, and we kind of lack range dps.
(who knows maybe resto can be your ms, atm its like 3,5 active healers)

did you see his achiev... (god dam i am jealous)

anyways goodluck with your apply

Divinedevil dps/prot/heal

Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:25 am
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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman
Awesome shaman :) Would be glad for some competition :( Think im the only ele shaman? Not seen the other 1 for awhile and xed left :(

Robbed [85 Elemental Shaman]

Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:40 am

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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman
We all know he's good enough... Just Zulu slacking :P

Abitov's the MAN!

Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:19 am
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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman
a apply from a person like him is filled enough with just his name :P

just get him, a great asset to the guild.

Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:42 am
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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman

Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:57 pm
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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman

You know you hate druids when you run after your cat with a plastic sword yelling "HAHA WHERES YOUR CYCLONE NOW?"

Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:44 pm
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Post Re: Mockie - Eleshaman

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Why didn't you say so?
There is a support group for that.
Its called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar."

Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:02 pm
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